Monday May 25th, 2020 Water Blog

Good newsA Beacon in May

Great news today [1] – no COVID deaths in the last 24 hours. This certainly is welcome news and it gives us a real sense that the efforts people are making to social distance and hygiene habits – these efforts are having the desired impact. Seamus Heaney’s Beacons at Bealtaine says it beautifully….

Move lips, move minds and make new meanings flare
Like ancient beacons signalling, peak to peak,

From middle sea to north sea, shining clear
As phoenix flame upon fionn uisce here.

Of course he is speaking about a bright vision – an optimistic future.


[1] I didn’t write a blog this weekend (May 23rd and 24th) because I wanted to focus on the Citizen Science 5KLitterSnap .

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