Digital know-how for cohesive water monitoring in areas linked with urban expansion

The future of water in Ireland goes digital


The Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics and the Water Institute at DCU are collaborating with Arup to explore artificial intelligence (AI) opportunities for a better integrated management system for Ireland.

DCU researchers are working with Arup, one of Ireland’s largest design consultants, and relevant stakeholders to investigate state of the art water management practices and the use of AI to develop software solutions for managing water quality and quantity.

Using cutting edge AI techniques, Asma Slaimi, a PhD student at the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, DCU is exploring water quality and quantity issues in water catchment areas and the potential to develop early warning systems to flag problems down the line.

This will provide many benefits, including the ability to predict issues that may affect water supplies and to test various scenarios when planning interventions in order to choose the optimal response.

The research partners identified the need to combine multiple data sources into a single model in order to improve monitoring of water quality and conservation.

Working with national stakeholders, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Irish Water, Office of Public Works and Met Éireann, this innovative research project is bringing data sources together to provide an overview of the entire water catchment area.

The researchers are assessing international best practice and examining current methods of data collection, storage and dissemination. A water data management platform is being developed to support the integrated monitoring and analysis of the system’s response to shocks and stresses, such as severe rainfall, prolonged drought or pollution events.


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