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After 20 weeks away from the DCU campus the Water Institute team were delighted to get back on site last week. Whilst away from campus the teams have had to be extremely innovative by setting up lab benches to carry out many optical and engineering experiments and designs all from within their homes (including some kitchen tables)! Not as easy as it sounds but we want to recognise all of the teams for being so creative and productive in continuing and progressing with their valuable work. We have had various biological research work taking place in our lab such as testing, analysing and growing diatoms (algae) for a number of biofouling projects of which all survived and are continuing to grow.  Our experimental deployments are all up to date with plenty of progress made there too.
We had team members based in Kerry, Waterford, Dublin, Louth and Meath and each day our team met up via Zoom at 11am not only for work catch up but for the social aspect too.
We are back now and ready to continue and move forward with all of our Water projects and hope everyone gets the chance to see our new window graphics in our Water Hub.
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