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Carbon Footprint – washing the car


Water, is a natural resource.  It is critical to everyone’s life, and it is of course a free commodity. However, its collection, treatment and distribution, as well as the treatment of wastewater before it is returned to nature, require technical, financial and human resources.  These have a cost.

It is reported that energy used to move, treat, distribute, and use water produces nearly 290 million metric tons of CO2 annually. This equates to CO2 produced annually by 53 million cars.

The energy required to provide water to a running tap for 5 minutes is equal to that needed to light a 60-watt bulb for 14 hours.

So, when you are thinking about washing your car – consider the incredible savings in energy-related CO2 emissions, when you replace your hose with a basin and sponge.

Using a bucket and sponge to wash a car, and then rinsing with a power washer is the most water-efficient method, using less than half as much water compared to a hose – saving a lot of water, energy and carbon.



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