Wednesday Feb 3rd, 2021 Water Blog

Essential maintenance to an old water distribution system


Ireland loses more than 40% of its treated drinking water through leaks.

The ongoing planned work to repair leaks and burst pipes could be a daily news item in Ireland. There is so much to be done to replace all parts of the old water network. The average age of Ireland’s 63,000 km of watermains is said to be 60 – 80 years old. The Victorian mains in Dublin and other urban areas, are up to 150 years old.

A total of 1,300 km of pipes were earmarked by Irish water for replacement between 2017 and 2021. This does not include any upgrading works. So it is a long term plan. Another water outage was reported on 3rd February 2021 for Cavan Town. The reason for this outage is reported to be in order to undertake essential maintenance works, with unplanned outage in water supply affecting Cavan Town through the night.

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