Wednesday February 10th, 2021 Water Blog

The Stream – A Podcast


I am so delighted to be doing something a little different tomorrow.

I am meeting with Will Sarni.  Will runs his own company The Water Foundry ( ). He is a massive advocate of digital water and disruption in the water industry. I met Will a number of years ago in DCU when he gave a presentation at one of our water events. He has such a wealth of experience to share and has a grá for Ireland.

With him will be Tom Freyberg. Tom is Founder & Director of Atlantean Media Ltd.  ( Together they have this unscripted talk about all things water – The Stream.  What an interesting and innovative way to look at water issues.  The dynamic approach they have and the immense sectoral knowledge leads to really great conversations. Their guests are so interesting – I can’t wait to meet Will and Tom and talk about my love for water.

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