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I have been on sabbatical in 2020 and therefore I am only starting to give online lectures to my students. It is a steep learning curve, but I am embracing the challenge! Today I gave my first LIVE lecture.

What I find is, that as I prepare on-line material I am reading and reading. It is a little like when I first started teaching in 1994. I would reference so many sources that are available and get totally distracted – however interesting – the video recording could be a Hollywood movie – for the length of time it is taking.  And I must add – editing is a whole other thing!

I really can see the value of blended teaching – if quality is good. But I prefer the classroom, with a chance to walk among the students and chat about the topics. I commend the students that leave their screens on and engage in the discussions. I think they are really adding to the new way we teach. Environmental chemistry needs to be in the lab and the field – not on a screen.

A new way of doing things for now, but PLEASE let me back into the classroom soon.

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