World Water Week 2022: Seeing the Unseen


Commencing on the 23rd of August, World Water Week 2022 is held on the theme “Seeing the Unseen: The Value of Water”. Organized by SIWI, participants can meet in Stockholm, Sweden from August 28th to September 1st as well as being offered a dedicated online programme covering the event for worldwide participation. Tickets and registration are available here.


The theme explores “the world’s most urgent water challenges which are invisible to the naked eye: the availability and state of our groundwater, the global streams of so-called virtual water, and the impact water has on people, nature, and economies.” The three main perspectives which capture the theme include:

  • The value of water for people and development.
  • The value of water for nature and climate change.
  • The financial and economic value of water.

Programme overview od World Water Week 2022Source:

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By:Stefania Scurtu

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