2022 WaterBlitz Kicks off tomorrow!

DCU Water Institute partnering with EarthWater to host the 2022 WaterBlitz

It’s the 6th of October and it’s the eve of the 2022 #WaterBlitz. The DCU Water Institute team has worked really hard over the past number of weeks with partners Earthwatch first and foremost contacting as many groups and networks of groups across Ireland to inform them that the #WaterBlitz is taking place between the 7th – 10th of October 2022.

Once registration opened an uncanny amount of groups who wanted to participate contacted DCU Water Institute, these also included various community groups involved with LAWPRO. LAWPRO who have also sponsored this event shared the information about the #WaterBlitz with all of their officers who work closely with many environmental networks and river trust groups across Ireland and this opened up the #WaterBlitz to many different groups who had not participated in any previous WaterBlitzes.

Once everyone registered the DCU Water Institute team packed the kits and posted them out to all participants so that they would get them in time to prep ahead of sampling. Everyone has their kits now and are ready to go!

The weather looks to be good on Saturday and Monday for most of the country, so this is fantastic news for all participants and the Water Institute is really looking forward to kicking it all off tomorrow and seeing the real time data come in.

Follow us on @DCUWater on Twitter for updates on the project over the weekend!

Sponsors the 2022 #WaterBlitz SMART DUBLINDublin City CouncilLAWPRO

#CitizenScience #WaterBlitz #WaterHero

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