2022 WaterBlitz is here!

The #WaterBlitz has kicked off across Ireland today. With over 70 groups signed up to take part, it’s going to be a very exciting weekend. The groups who are participating range from Wild Swimmers, Tidy Towns groups, and Kayaking groups, sub-aqua clubs, scouts, schools, farmers and so many more – an array of people who are genuinely interested and care about their local waterbody.

As the results come in DCU Water Institute geographers Anna Hayes and Dr. Susan Hegarty will be ready to start compiling the data in real time. This data will tell us many different things including a snapshot of the levels of nitrate and phosphate in rivers, lakes, streams and canals.

SMART DUBLIN is a sponsor of this event and they are very interested in this project because it connects communities with the data they collect and with the academics here in DCU who can translate that data into environmental questions and solutions.

We are also hosting a competition for the best photo over the weekend. We encourage everyone to take a photo of them as citizen scientists and/or the waterscape they are testing. We have many goodies to give away.

Happy WaterBlitzing!


Follow us on @DCUWater on Twitter for updates on the project over the weekend!

Sponsors the 2022 #WaterBlitz SMART DUBLINDublin City CouncilLAWPRO

 Partners EarthWatch

#CitizenScience #WaterBlitz #WaterHero

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