Water Blitz Up and Running Day 2

This is now day 2 of the #WaterBlitz and we are up and running. Sample results are trickling in from every corner of Ireland and we have some preliminary results!

Dr. Susan Hegarty and Anna Hayes have populated maps and we are starting to see a mixed level of both Nitrate and Phosphate so far. Honing in on Dublin we have plenty of early samplers there who have given us plenty of data to look at too.

Its early days, however we are looking forward to seeing groups results from the west and southeast that should come in over the next few days beefing up this map with plenty of more data so that we can compare and contrast results.


Follow us on @DCUWater on Twitter for updates on the project over the weekend!

Sponsors the 2022 #WaterBlitz SMART DUBLINDublin City CouncilLAWPRO

 Partners EarthWatch

#CitizenScience #WaterBlitz #WaterHero


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