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Heavy rainfall is blamed for a precautionary notice which temporarily bans bathing at Dollymount, Sandymount and Portmarnock.  We are told [1] that storm water tank overflows at Ringsend wastewater treatment plant have resulted in wastewater discharges into Dublin bay. Poor water quality has meant that the hardy swimmers were asked to get out of the water.

Beaches around Dublin and in all coastal areas, have attracted swimmers over the decades. [2] Heading to the beach was a family outing – on even the most imperfect of days. I have very happy memories as a child, of heading to the beach in the height of summer wearing a raincoat while paddling. The feeling of the salt water and the sand between toes, was always a huge thrill.

Hopefully the planned works to Ringsend wastewater treatment plant will lead to a situation whereby periodic heavy rainfall, which is on the increase, cannot cause disruption of a really important pastime, tourist attraction and healthy activity for our citizens.



[2] Children paddling in shallow water c. 1890-1910 (National Library of Ireland, CLAR 29)

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